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 Descent|OS Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Descent|OS Code of Conduct   Descent|OS Code of Conduct EmptyMon Dec 12, 2011 7:47 pm

Hello and welcome to the Descent|OS Forum.

Before you start posting, there are some rules we must lay down that all members must abide by. These rules are in place to ensure that everyone can have a good time and so the forum can run more smoothly. These rules will be enforced by a dedicated and excellent team of staff. Should these rules not be upheld, it could see that member be given a warning or an immediate ban from the Forums. The rules are very basic in what you can and cannot do. Please read each topic carefully to ensure you’re fully aware what is expected of you as a member of this forum.

Discrimination, Racism, Sexism, Xenophobia etc:

Abusive behavior will see a member banned with immediate effect. This forum will not tolerate aggressive swearing however more mild swear words are permitted. Please treat other members with the respect you expect from them. If you do find you’re being targeted under any of the above circumstances, contact a member of staff immediately. The information you disclose to us will remain private and confidential.

Much the same as the above rule, joining the forums to get some ‘dirt’ on a member, or posting wherever they post and just generally being irritating to a singular member will result in a ban. Each individual case is looked at, so the result will not always be the same. However, the punishment can be extremely severe. So it is advisable not to test it.

Also, if you are a forum member and you are attacking someone who is within our forums outside of the forums, the status of your membership will be looked over. Although this is an exterior attack, it will be looked at. For the simple reason that if you are a nasty person, we do not want you on the forums. It is as simple as that.

Spamming and Off-Topic Posting etc:
Any of these aforementioned items are strictly prohibited on this forum. Spamming is the strictest of the areas, although pointless messages are consistent with spam. Spam is when you post a message repeatedly, a message that has no relevance to a topic or when it is something ridiculous like: “Yeah”. We would like this forum to keep a ‘tidy’ image. Make your posts worthwhile and legible.

Off-Topic is where the conversation in any topic is no longer about said topic and is merely waffling about something completely irrelevant. Please ensure you do not leap from one conversation to another. If you find yourself discussing something other than the topic, create a new one. Those who want to talk about Fedora in the Linux Topic do not want to read about what you ate for dinner last night.

Spelling, grammar and the use of the English Language
We appreciate that everyone’s level of the English language is different, however we do expect a standard level that everyone can tolerate reading. Do NOT type as you would in a text message ie.

Such continuous posts will see in a warning. Also please try to keep spelling to the best of your abilities for the convenience of others who may wish to read your posts. As mentioned previously, excessive or abusive swearing will not be tolerated.

Mature Content:

Mature content usually refers to pornography, but it can also refer to graphic depictions or scenes of extreme violence or anything else that is deemed ‘adult’. This sort of material is something that we would like to avoid at this forum.

Self Harm and Personal Problems:

This is not a life-support forum, as far as the administration is aware there are no qualified or in-training therapists or psychotherapists. As such we restrict all problems to just general complaining. Topics promoting self harm, telling people you're going to kill yourself and pro-anna (pro-anorexia and other eating disorders) are completely forbidden. Discussion about anorexia etc is allowed but promoting mental illness is immoral and wrong.

This is a provoked or unprovoked attack on a forum member. If a member is upsetting you, you must inform a member of staff with immediate effect. Do not spend page after page arguing with another member purely for arguments sake.

Subject Line:
When making your topic, make the Subject Line of that topic relevant to the discussion. We do not want to see “Um…help?” Or “Omg!” as a header for anything.

Rules are Subject to Change
It might seem like a lot to take in but it is for the benefit of all our members. We want to invite you to have a fantastic time and discuss open source in all its essence. Please enjoy yourself!

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Descent|OS Code of Conduct
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