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 Gnome 2 vs Gnome 3, Ubuntu, Mate and more

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Gnome 2 vs Gnome 3, Ubuntu, Mate and more Empty
PostSubject: Gnome 2 vs Gnome 3, Ubuntu, Mate and more   Gnome 2 vs Gnome 3, Ubuntu, Mate and more EmptySat Jul 07, 2012 4:24 pm

I became a Gnome 2 user several years ago, when I first discovered Linux Mint. After getting used to Mint, I knew that it would top the charts someday. It didn't take all that long, either. But every now and again, I still get the urge to try a new distro that sounds interesting, or tweaks my curiosity. This is how I came to try Ubuntu with the new Unity desktop.

First impressions--terrible!!! What a sacreligious abhorrence it seemed--to do this to Linux! Ubuntu showed the Linux world that they still considered themselved as backrunners to the M$ and Apple frontrunners, struggling to catch up and maybe someday, overtake them. Linux is the frontrunner now, has been for a few years, and I believe will be the standard for others to match within the next few years.

If you enter the modern cell phone and tablet competition, you've done just that--entered the competition. Ubuntu entered the fray with Gnome 3 and Unity. Windows has their version in Window-8 and Metro. Big icons and Apps are for fat fingers on little windows, fingers that point into the clouds. Jonathan Zittrain does the best description with his article at He has other articles and analyses that I think hit the nail on the head with, The Future of the Internet--And How To Stop It. The desktop will never be dead, and when the marketing giants have squeezed all the $$ they can out of the public with little toy computer wannabee's, we'll all get back to desktops and laptops. Netbooks went the way of spilled milk, too. There's still a little puddle residual.

Enter "Mate". It's not bad. Gnome 2 will stand supreme for quite a while, yet. Constant change does not equal constant quality improvement, but it does drive constant profit making. If Descent | OS is trying to enter the desktop competition to stand against the Metro look, don't abandon the tried and proven looks and feels of established Linux ways. It's too risky for long term success.
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Gnome 2 vs Gnome 3, Ubuntu, Mate and more Empty
PostSubject: Prefer Gnome 2 as well   Gnome 2 vs Gnome 3, Ubuntu, Mate and more EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 2:13 am

I am running Ubuntu with the classic menu button installed but it just ain't the same as Gnome 2 was before Unity and Gnome3. Gnome 2 was the best desktop out there. I just fail to see why it had to be messed with or replaced. I think like Linus does-Gnome3 and KDE are a mess for desktops.The only reason I am using Ubuntu is it just works. I have not had much luck with Mint or Zorin. Of course when the installer issue with this OS gets fixed this one will be my distro of choice.
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Gnome 2 vs Gnome 3, Ubuntu, Mate and more
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