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 1st impression

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1st impression Empty
PostSubject: 1st impression   1st impression EmptyMon Aug 27, 2012 1:00 am

installed yesterday on 4 machines
toshiba laptop I5 processor with intel graphics 12 gb ram
samsung laptop amd quad core processor ati graphics 4gb ram
acer laptop I5 processor intel graphics 8 gb ram
acer netbook 64bit atom processor 1 gb ram
all installs went glitch free
didnt really do any hard test but opened, used and closed all the applications included on the default install along with download & install and use the programs /apps i normally use that werent included by default.
everything worked as it should -i had no problems--clean smooth and responsive distro.

the nice work definately shows on this distro and i wish you all the success you deserve.

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1st impression
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